I believe that my role as an educator is to guide and inspire the next generation so that they may become skilled and capable to make their dreams come true. I am firm to make my students successful in all ways of the life and as the Principal I shall do my best to inspire my staff members and students to participate in community work together so that the achievement level of our students may be improved. To make my students innovative and creative is my priority and I like a healthy competitive environment so that my students may become more capable and their learning level also may be improved. I believe that well trained, well experienced, much dedicated and more sincere teachers are essential to make a school successful. Here I would like to repeat John Hattie's words, "Teachers should build classroom as a climate where errors are welcomed, students' engagement is the norm. questioning is high and students gain reputation as effective learners".I enjoy and celebrate success of my students and staff members and also appreciate their hard work and also believe tha that this is the basis of a healthy and happy school environment. All staff members students and community members should feel proud to be part of SSS Higher Secondary School. Involvement of all of you is very much important for the improvement and bright future of our school as well as yours. As the Principal I would like to consult with my staff members students and community members regarding teaching and learning process so that together we may gain goal of true education.